50 is the New 70

by | Feb 18, 2017 | Business Strategy

plastic films business strategyI used to joke about the age of 50 as being equal to the ‘New Age’ of 30. “50 is the new 30” I’d say with a smile and conviction. Reflecting back now, it was just an optimistic thought, an aspiration, or Hope, as I met the Half Century mark in my life. Basically, it was nothing more than a personal comical jest from an optimistic guy staring at the back side of the Bell Curve. Life is not stagnant and youth owns the day and the future, like it always has. Age is good for wisdom, and connections – but you’re still fading to black from the purely physiological standpoint. This is life.


I’m 3 years older now, wiser, more humble, candid and I have been proven dead wrong concerning this initial euphemistic expression made in the past. This is the Millennial Age that we presently reside in and everything of any significance related to Consumption and Trends is centered on it. Respect Quite Pointedly – Their World. Thus, in their world, anyone over 50 is the equivalent (respectfully) to one of the Great Pyramids in Egypt. Nice to look at physically, or visit online briefly, or peruse in pages of an aged National Geographic. Am I being somewhat cynical here? Maybe, but not really if you consider the norms of mutually accepted social expectations for success in this Digital Age. For example, once you pass a certain milestone on your personal birthday clock – you are judged by those around you accordingly – based on your status and accomplishments. This new Millennial Age is technologically savvy, focused, fast and driven. They are on the move and shaping the trends around them as they grow. Their elders are simply categorized with their parents and professors. Separate, yet dignified.


Yes my friends, young and old, I can now say with a quiet confidence that – 50 is the new 70. This is from the Millennial perspective mind you. Everything has an accelerated pace for them. So if 30 is considered ancient – then 50 is definitely lined up with the Pyramids. Every journey or objective is expected to end with successful expediency. They don’t want to follow corporate protocol from yesteryear, or pay their dues and wait their turn on the ladder. They don’t care what the Boomers did. They don’t care how the Boomers did it – to get to the top in their games. They believe that that’s all irrelevant now, and to a large degree – they’re spot on in this thinking.


The rapid emergence and acceleration in digital technology has made this confident Millennial mind set just what it is. The Business of Life Game has changed dramatically as a direct result. Yet, many content Corporate Boomers are still winding their ‘inner’ bedside alarm clocks every night in quiet self-actualized procrastination. Refusing to acknowledge that the Hoover Dam holding up their world could literally collapse if they don’t wake up fast. They mistakenly think that they’re somehow in Control – still – because everything seems Consistent on the Surface. They choose to ignore the Power of Social Media for implementing a Strategic and Continuous corporate presence on the global business playing field. Instead, they look elsewhere and focus on Emailed CC’s, BCC’s, Plane Tickets, Travel Points and Monthly Itineraries. Golf Outings for their young guns to feel good about themselves and their mind bending work objectives set for the following Q1 through 4. Mere miscellaneous and dangerous distractions to the strategic big picture. They have lost touch with Father Time. They have zero appreciation for Content Marketing or the benefits of Fast and Furious B2B Social Media Platforms. They believe in their hearts that the Old Way is tried, true and predictable. They are Oldie but Goodie Business Modeled bronze statues, living and wheezing amongst us. Images of a bygone age of Capitalism and vinyl records.


Yes, many of these well intentioned, time tested Barron’s of Business are literally Dust in the Wind. A familiar popular song of the past heard on the transistor radio that I used to enjoy in High School. They still haven’t even figured out why they shouldn’t be budgeting money for their HP fax machine currently sitting in their office. Sound a little too harsh? Maybe, but – Millennial Business Reality – can sting sometimes. Especially when you’re the ‘Old’ guy that’s presently hunting for the Best and Brightest amongst their highly qualified masses to sit on your Corporate Management Team. Someone, you could and must trust with hard earned money, fully competent, to be ready to go into action at a second’s notice. In Basketball jargon, your 6th man or woman on the starting roster, off the bench.


To conclude, fresh legs and intellects win important business ‘games’ or deals down the stretch. Fresh, intelligent, multi-task friendly minds – make the Right Calls – late in the 4th Quarter. This is who I want to carry my personal reputation and corporate colors into these New Age upcoming Millennial Business Battles on the horizon. They are my future, and it is my responsibility to keep up with them – physically and intellectually in ‘their’ Millennial Business World.


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