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  • Sustainability is more than a catch phrase. It is an ever growing reality. Consumers want sustainable solutions for their procurement stream.
  • The tag and label industry is becoming more eco-conscious as large customers implement mandated Supplier Scoreboards toward this end.
  • Converters are also becoming acutely aware of the current drive by retailers and brands to a zero-waste production stream.
  • EcoTag™ was designed and created taking all of the above into consideration. EcoTag™ meets this demand by providing converters with a unique and affordable alternative that is approximately 20% renewable. It lowers the carbon footprint of what customers are presently using by displacing plastic with all natural and sustainable ingredients.
  • Functionality & Physical Quality
  • ROI: Priced competitively against currently commercialized non-sustainable plastic film sheets.
  • EcoTag™ is an environmentally friendly product designed to support a high performance and more eco-conscious label industry.
  • The EcoTag™ brand was built for the Narrow Web Printer.
Outdoor Use

Horticultural tags
Planting instructions
Environmental equipment tags
OSHA brochures, folders
Outdoor log/survey books
Forestry tags and maps
Tags/labels for radioactive use
Deer and turkey tags
Hunting and Fishing licenses
Fishing & Hunting Maps
Lumber Tags
Parking Permits
Barricade and Warning Tape
Event Passes and Wristbands

Retail Sales

In-store displays
Banner Signs
Sales tags
Order forms
Price Tags and Tickets
Cosmetic layouts
Color charts
Product lists and catalogs
Bottle hangers (supermarket)
Business cards
Tradeshow displays
Textile Tags (sewn in)
Ticket sales/seating charts
Inventory control tags
Cassette and video disc labels
Luggage tags
Taxi & bus cards
Temporary credit cards
Membership cards

Charts, Manuals

Burn emergency treatment cards
Drug and poison charts
Emergency exit diagrams
Military manuals
Quality control charts
Engine/boat manuals
Repair guides
Darkroom information charts


Refoldable/roll-up maps
Outdoor transit information
Weather maps
Fishing & Hunting maps
Geological maps (oil company)
Forestry tags and maps
Backpacking and trail maps
Navigational maps
Paging service territory maps
Farm irrigation maps
Aerial survey maps

Toys and Games

Box wrap
Children’s books and games
Game boards
Decals for bikes and toys


Reference charts
Flip charts and posters
School wall maps
Scientific lab guides/tools
Measuring devices (ruler)
Heavily used manuals
Flash cards

Miscellaneous Uses

Bulk Shipping Tags (sewn in)
Powercord Tags
Menus and placemats
Hotel housekeeping checklists
Driver logbooks
Book jackets
Garage, auto information charts
Parking permits
Door hangers
3-ring catalogs
Hunting and fishing licenses
Floppy disc sleeves
Header Stock


Use evaporative drying, UV or EB inks. Inks for polyethylene and polypropylene are acceptable.

Inks can be waterborne, solvent born or 100% solids.

Make sure waterborne inks wet the surface of the coated material. It has a free surface energy of 42-43 dynes/cm.

Use inks at as high of solids and viscosity as practical.

Use extender inks or varnish rather than diluent solvents to control viscosity and print density.

Use careful setting of the plate cylinder-impression roll nip. Material is not compressible and if too high of nip pressure will result in haloing, mottling and low ink density.

Avoid aliphatic solvents and diluents.

Use static eliminators.

EcoTag™ offers an excellent print surface for Siegwerk EIC’s water based flexographic inks on both sides of the substrate. The substrates can be corona treated to improve initial and aged adhesion properties if needed. Depending on the end use properties of the tag/label (i.e. horticultural tag, lumber tag, shelf tag, outdoor/indoor signage, etc.), various ink options are available.

Siegwerk EIC recommends the following ink combination of horticultural tags:
1/D EC001245 (Film III Extender Varnish)
2/D Film III Fade Resistant or Super Fade Resistant inks
(depending on the Weatherometer specifications required for the customer’s application)
3/D EC001245 (Film III Extender Varnish) with 3% EH012409 (Aqueous Catalyst)

The film III inks are moderately pigmented therefore the inks are capable of achieving color and good print quality on 300-800 Isi with 3.0 to 6.0 bcm volume aniloxes. The ink combination listed above provides excellent dry & wet rub, scratch resistance, tape adhesion, water resistance, detergent and some solvent resistance. The film III inks offer the best package for outdoor exposure to the elements and the sun in terms of Weatherometer testing.

Recommend cleaning the ink/OPV with CLN1V0006 (Suspend NL)

*Check with your Siegwerk EIC lab for the product recommendations for other print applications on Eco Tag substrates.

*Poly Screen Plus inks are a high color density, clean printing ink system that can be used on Eco tag substrates.

*Siegwerk EIC’s L-39 UV Flexo inks, with select UV coatings, appear to be excellent options for the Eco tag substrates and are currently being evaluated for print performance.

ecotag-multilayer-film-properties-1 ecotag-multilayer-film-properties-2

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