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by | Jan 10, 2017 | Tradeshows & Events

This recently past Pack Expo in Chicago was like a Bee Hive during the Springtime. Things are looking up within the Flexible Packaging world for North America in 2017.

You could almost feel it in the air. Opportunities are knocking and it’s self-evident. The hard working and driven in our business are taking steps to capitalize on this upcoming shift on the playing field of Investment. Innovative Thinking – is moving to the forefront and being welcomed with open arms by key players within the industry. One such company that I’d like to bring to your attention that reflects this trend and strategic shift is EPAC of Madison, WI.

Virag Patel and Jack Knott of Arion Partners ( are the quiet Drivers behind this new North American gem. Like any corporate standout, if you look closer, all you’ll find is a very deep bench in both personnel and corporate partners. Emerald Packaging (Converter) being one entity of significance and Trias Sentosa (Film Producer) the other. EPAC also presently offers the Fastest Turnaround times in North America (2 Weeks!). EPAC has gone first, and now leads in this critical – Service Niche. In doing so, EPAC has become the undisputed leader of fully integrated strategic – Millennial Driven – innovative thinking for Digital Print – Stand Up Pouches.

Millennials make up approximately 40% of today’s food shoppers. Their active lifestyles and demand for quick snacks – instead of sitting down for a traditional meal – has created this dramatic shift in food packaging and made standup pouches – the ideal solution.

So what do these Millennial buyers want? First, they want the product to be fresh. 92% of U.S. Consumers believe it’s important that a food package retain freshness. Standup pouches with a clear film window allow consumers to see the product quality for themselves. Over 50% of U.S. adults consider it vital that a package be portable – whether it’s packing a school lunch or juice for the family picnic. On-the-Go friendly – mobility and convenience are critical and standup pouches provide single serving options and many even eliminate the need for utensils. User Friendly pouches do not require can openers or scissors to be opened. They are designed for utility and easy access. Many standup pouches are Microwave Friendly and designed for fast and easy food preparation. Also, smaller package footprints with collapsible variations preserve valuable storage space on a kitchen shelf or in the refrigerator.

Last, but surely not the least consideration for the future in Flexible Packaging is that pouches are an ideal E-Commerce Package. Laminated Pouches are friendly for shipping and easily outperform glass jars, aluminum cans and other rigid containers. These currently ‘dated’ standard norms – are not designed to absorb the brutal abuse that they presently sustain – in transit. Yet, this is still the norm used for shipping to – individual consumers – in small LTL quantities.


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