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by | Mar 7, 2017 | JoePlastic 'What's New'

Brand Matters … It’s like the water temperature at a beach during August. In Maine you expect one thing. At Newport Beach near LA, another. It tells your prospective audience, or customers, what’s underneath the wrapper. The print colors in the candy isle – through your eyes – direct your body, and eventually your arm, and then hand.

In 2003 I was trolling through available Domain names on Yahoo Small Business. was available for $30.00 a year. I smiled to myself, laughed out loud, and did a little ‘gotch-ya’ dance in my office to celebrate. I thought (incorrectly – mind you) that because my professional status involved – the procurement of flexible packaging films – this clever online advertising ‘subtly done’ through my domain name – made perfect sense. After 13 years, honestly and humbly, I can confidently proclaim to the World: It didn’t. : (

So what, right? You made a stupid decision. Nobody cares. You sell plastic film for food packaging, and other things. Maybe you just weren’t navigating Search Words and Phrases properly in order to maximize the Google Search Algorithm? Stay with me here … Because my point of writing this fine morning is in the … Why?

The Millennial Mindset is centered on Ease of Access. This is the environment that it grew up in. Everything is accessible – if – the correct words are just properly placed into the Algorithm. Thus, JoePlastic was born. It all started with the simple question at the Rapscallion Microbrewery in Sturbridge, Massachusetts: “So, what do you do?” It happened to be a very hot, late summer afternoon, when the question was asked. I was tired, road weary, parched … So I just smiled to my young aspiring talkative ‘World Changer’ and said, “I’m Joe Plastic.” The reaction was instantaneous, spontaneous and positive. The eyes never lie. His lit up like Roman Candles with approval and his response was simply, “Cool.” Thereafter, every time that I answered this simple question from others – I replied with the same answer, and basically received almost the exact same response. I took note. : )

Branding is not a blind game of Chance. It is what will ultimately determine the success or failure of any New Business ventured. It is the face of identity for what is being presented to the consumer. My initial Marketing ‘mistake’ in 2003 was that I had focused on – My – thinking that the – What – I actually did – mattered to anyone outside of my – small and finite space – on this planet. My – Word Choice – was also a complete dud. The business equivalent to a tunnel to nowhere in San Francisco, or a highway to uninhabited wilderness in Alaska filled with giant Mosquitoes.

Plastic is, and always has been, my World. Now, thanks to the inquisitive questioning of numerous well intentioned, intelligent and eager to learn Millennials … I have seen the light. Yes, the light of Branding Truth. Like a light bulb turning on in the dark closet of my plastic brain tissue. JoePlastic is – Who – I am, and is themost suitable and accurate description of – What – function I perform within the Western Hemisphere of Global Flexible Packaging.

I am NOT a Broker … I am NOT a Mill Rep … I am NOT focused on shaving pennies off of Offshore Container Pricing. I am a Considerate Team Builder … I am a Thought Leader … I hate Brain ‘Boxes’ or Exclusive Thinking … I am a Motivated, Mobile Friendly & Focused … SEO Conscious … Collaboration Believer … Millennial Minded … Global Flexible Packaging Film Integrator … JoePlastic. That’s it. Nothing more, or less. Welcome to a New Day in Brand Development:


Listen to Millennial Consumers … Watch their body language. Learn.

Profit. Share …

Teach them all – with enthusiasm and humor – and without apprehension or hesitation. They will tell you – where they are going … Take your Branding Innovation in that Direction. Now, not later. You will not regret it. 


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